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No one likes going up into attics. They are dirty, dusty, and usually filled to bursting with old furniture and other accumulated knick-knacks. Cleaning out an attic is even worse with the unsteady ladders or stairs, easily damaged ceilings, and heavy boxes. Junk Removal 111 can handle your attic removal so all you have to do is enjoy your cleaned out attic.

Our attic removal team will clean out all of your unwanted attic junk while protecting your ceiling and insulation from damage. We will carry your heavy boxes and furniture down tricky staircases and ladders with experienced ease, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or chips. Our team also sweeps up the dirt and dust left behind in your attic so you are free to appreciate your reclaimed space.

We here at Junk Removal 111 understand that your junk has sentimental value, which is why we try to donate or recycle the items we take from your attic removal as opposed to just throwing them away outright. Cleaning out an attic space can be difficult emotionally, and we take pride in our empathetic service.

From old furniture to heavy boxes, Junk Removal 111 will take care of your attic junk removal with ease and professionalism.

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